CNC Laser Cutting, Sand & Bead Blasting, metal finishing & Signs in Stone, Glass, Wood, Metal & More.

Metal Finishing

Rust removal  etch  in preparation for painting

Sand or bead blasting on metal

Leaves a perfect clean etched finish for painting or further finishing


Rust antique ceiling tile

Rust patina on steel

Natural antiqued rust finishes from brown to red


Glass bead blasted metal

Glass bead on metal - Polish to matte

Great finish for steel, aluminum, copper and many other materials


Verdigris - Antique green patina finish

Organic metal patina

Verdigris - Antique green patina finish on copper, brass and bronze


Custom tealight holder with bead blast finish

Bead blast metal finishing

Simply apply a clear finish after bead polish to create a dramatic effect


Brushed stainless counter display

Brushed or ground metal finish on steel

Ground metal on stainless shown; Denver, CO


Layered patina on metal

Metal patina in a variety of natural colors

Organic patina's in reds, browns, greens and blackened finishes


Metal marking or etching on metal

Laser metal marking " etching "

High definition marking or etching


Note: Metal etching and metal marking are sometimes used interchangeably but laser metal marking is a chemical coating that is applied and burned on by the laser. Whereas metal etching is most often used on painted or colored surfaces so as to create a contrasting image.

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