CNC Laser Cutting, Sand & Bead Blasting, metal finishing & Signs in Stone, Glass, Wood, Metal & More.

CNC Laser Cutting

Laser at work

High precision CNC laser table - 96 x 48" 

Can be expanded to fit larger jobs


Custom tealight holder in metal

Intricate laser cutting in metal up to 4 ga steel

Custom art, corporate logos and promotional products


1/4 bass wood cutting

Precision wood cutting up to 1.5" thick

Modeling, parts, custom puzzles and more


CNC Metal cutting in stainless steel

Stainless steel metal cutting up to 7 ga

Much finer edge finish than plasma cutting; Denver, CO


Laser cut foam rubber

CNC rubber and foam cutting

Great for precision gasket cutting and other complicated parts


Corporate promotional coaster holder

Promotional products and other special projects

18ga steel with rust patina show; Denver, Colorado


Ultra precision media cutting

Ultra Precision Media cutting

Sorry no copper or brass


Steel shim stock cutting

Hardened shim stock cutting

Very high tolerance for almost any application


Acrylic cutting to fine polish

CNC Acrylic and plastic cutting up to 1.5"

Depending on your needs edge can be cut with a high polish; Denver


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